(b) 1990

Joseph is a British photographic artist working between London and Bristol and is currently undertaking his MA in photography at the University of the West of England. Joseph’s practice is concerned with social and environmental roles, focusing primarily on our sense of place and how we effect and are affected by the environments we inhabit. Resulting in images which dissect cultural and social identity as well as environmental relationships through found objects and constructed landscapes. Working in a documentary style his works are able to play with the narrative imbedded within the photograph, allowing the viewer a postion of both fact and fiction, often playing with the photographs initial meaning and its willing non-fiction position. In-turn, this playful tension around the role of  images in their cultural context, he is able to bring ambiguity to the work presenting the unfamiliar in the familiar.
His long term projects are often drawn from past events or experiences and are created in premdominantly rural areas and areas of cultural conflict. Using the dense cultural complexity found in the British Isle as his motif.   

These themes have been applied to comissions in fashion as well as portraiture, bringing a depth of colour and strong use of tone and form, to build complex narratives to the stories he creates.

The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Fabric Magazine, The Renaissance Magazine, Der Greif

MA Photography 2020
BA Photographic Art 2015

RPS international 162, Shortlisted - 2019

Terrain vague, soft cover zine - self-published 2019

For commissions and enquiries, or for a PDF portfolio, please contact via the details below,

M: (+44) 07530931434